Vision statement and core values

At Holystone Primary School we provide a welcoming, positive and safe environment in which children can develop a love of learning and an everlasting thirst for knowledge. Working together as a whole school community, it is our vision that children become self-motivated, confident individuals who strive to achieve their hopes and dreams. We want our pupils to thrive, learn how to make wise and informed decisions and communicate effectively. Children have curious minds, which we will guide to help them become resilient and independent learners equipped for an ever changing world. Our school is a caring, supportive place where children and adults enjoy learning, respect each other and are inspired to be creative, think for themselves and embrace new challenges.

This vision is embedded in Holystone’s core values: resilience, respect, independence and community spirit.


“Together we enjoy, discover and learn.”

In 2019, our School Council chose four core values that they felt epitomised the Holystone School Vision.  They are Respect, Community Spirit, Resilience and Independence.  
With the help of a local artist we brought the four core values to life with our for characters - Buzzbee (Respect), Clarence (Community Spirit), Lucky (Resilience), Indianta (Independence).
Please click on the attachment to see these characters and the characteristics they help us strive to achieve.