Reading at Holystone

Reading at Holystone 

At Holystone, we understand the importance of Reading and we believe that our wider School Core Values of Resilience, Respect, Independence and Community are underpinned by the ability to read.

It is our intent that our pupils successfully learn to read, so that they can go on to successfully read to learn.  We aim to ensure our pupils are equipped with the reading skills they will need to be successful throughout their life and also promote a love of reading so this can become a life long pleasure.  Throughout their time at Holystone, we will ensure our pupils are:

  • encouraged and supported to become fluent and confident readers.
  • supported and taught secure reading strategies for coping with reading a range of texts, including non-fiction media and ICT.
  • able to read with understanding, exploring ideas through inference and deduction.
  • aware of the language of reading – decoding, comprehension, location, deduction, inference, skimming, scanning, predicting, visualising, empathising, questioning and reading backwards and forwards – to support the reading process.
  • able to read and follow written instructions.
  • encouraged by staff to read for pleasure.
  • able to access a range of books and reading materials that are up-to-date, relevant and balanced in content.
  • are taught to be critical readers, questioning what they read in books and in the media.
  • encouraged to engage in discussions about the books they are reading and encouraged to talk about their likes and dislikes.
  • encouraged to make comparisons with other books they have read as they read new books.

We follow the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme from Foundation Stage until appropriate. We have supplemented this with a range of texts from other schemes, e.g. Big Cat Collins, Bug Club and Project X.

In Reception and Year 1 the focus is on the Oxford Reading Tree scheme with pupils heard to read individually.  From Year 2 onwards, Accelerated Reader is our core reading programme for the vast majority of our pupils.  As part of this programme pupils read appropriately banded books daily and progress around fluency and comprehension are tracked carefully.  Pupils will experience a wide range of genres across their time in school.  

Reading is at the heart of everything we do at Holystone and teachers choose challenging and thought provoking texts to support the wider teaching of English.  We believe the texts we choose are crucial to encouraging a wider love of Reading.

Reading at Home

Children, throughout the school, are expected to spend some time reading at home each week (minimum of three times a week for KS1).  In the case of the earlier readers, children need to read to an adult. This is seen as an important and necessary reading practice and experience. Progress at home is monitored through the children’s Reading Diary.