Pupil Dress Code

“The Government strongly encourages schools to consider the introduction of uniforms where they do not already have them.” DfES 2006Admission Policy

The Governors of the school feel that smart appearance is an essential part of any successful school and for this reason specify how children should dress.

  • Pupils must wear school uniform: sky blue polo shirt (shirt & tie in Y5 & 6), dark blue sweatshirt, grey trousers or skirt (gingham check for the summer and white socks) and plain black, white, grey or navy socks or tights.  Nursery children may wear navy blue jogging bottoms.
  • Pupils should not come to school with their hair dyed, shaved, patterned, sculpted or with any styling products applied.  Hair should be neat (e.g. not over their face and in their eyes) and presentable. Hair styles should be as simple as possible. Hair should be neat, clean and combed. For health and safety reasons long hair should be tied back out of children’s eyes.  Extreme hairstyles and fads that would interfere with the learning process, cause a disruption of the educational environment, or be a Health & Safety hazard are prohibited.
  • Pupils should come to school wearing black, flat school shoes (not wearing trainers). During the winter months boots or wellingtons may be worn, however we recommend that children bring a change of shoes to wear indoors.
  • Plaits (maximum of 2 only) with clips or bobbles are acceptable, but nothing else should be attached or woven into hair. Plain blue or black clips can be used to retain hair.  If hair is tied back a small, plain blue, black or brown bobble or hair band should be used.
  • Jewellery, make up, including nail varnish should not be worn.

The following items are particularly important for Health & Safety reasons:

  • We are a no ear-ring school, pupils should not were ear-rings, studs or retainers for school
  • No body piercing.
  • Hair which is over the collar should be tied back.

Note – on non-uniform days hair styling products may be applied for that day only