Phonics at Holystone

Phonics at Holystone - 
At Holystone, we use the systematic teaching of phonics to support children from Nursery to Year 2 in learning to read and write.  Additional support around phonics may also be used to support pupils moving through Key Stage 2.
We ensure pupils progress in their phonic knowledge thorough:
  • Daily phonics sessions
  • Phonics being promoted as a tool to help children to decode words to read and spell
  • Children being encouraged to use and apply their phonic knowledge in independent work and guided reading sessions
Our phonics delivery is based around the guidance in the Letters and Sounds Document.  Pupils from Nursery to Y2 follow mid-term planning that ensures consistency in the teaching, learning and progression of children's phonic learning.  The phonics planning gives opportunity for sounds to be revised, new sounds to be taught, children to read and write words and apply their learning through a game/activity.
Lessons follow the format of revise, teach, practise, apply.  Reception and Year 1 pupils use characters from an in-school created magical island ("Spellbound Island") to support the delivery of new phonemes and graphemes.  Year 2 follow the same format, but they do not use the characters.  All lessons start with a  flashcard activity to revise previously learned words.