Welcome to Nursery

Hello and a very warm welcome to Holystone Primary School and to our Nursery. In this area of our website you will find important information about your child starting Nursery in September 2021. Due to the current circumstances we are unable to hold our usual Parent’s welcome meeting, so we have collated all the information you usually receive here for you to read or print off. If any of your questions are not answered within these documents please do not hesitate to contact us at

We have sent out arrangements for your child’s starting dates in September, along with an appointment for parents to book for a virtual meeting with one of the Nursery Teachers for you tell us more about your child.  We look forward to speaking to you soon and then meeting you and your child in September and starting their learning journey at Holystone.

We are the Nursery Team

Meet the staff and hear all about some of the favourite things some of our previous children have enjoyed about Nursery.


These will be the exciting places that you can play inside and outside your Nursery with your friends

Our Nursery Welcome Booklet can be found below.  We are sure you will find this booklet very helpful - if you have any further questions please call school on 0191 9170004 or email


We would love to find out more about your child before they start in September.  Please download and complete our starting Nursery questionnaire and email it to

Here is a guide to uniform for our Nursery children


We use Tapestry Online Learning Journey which is a fabulous way to share your child’s Nursery Journey. Please find the registration form here. All details need to be emailed back to the school office ASAP so we can start a virtual transition.


Children can have milk daily in school. This is free until they are 5 and then you will need to pay for this. If you wish your child to have milk in September please register at


Here is a copy of our Home School Agreement for you to read and sign on behalf of your child


Early Years Pupil Premium

The form below enables us to collect any additional funding to support your child’s place through Early Years Pupil Premium

We would be grateful if you would complete steps 1, 2, 3b, 3c and 6 of the form below and return it to the school office by post.

Parents can choose to provide the additional information that will allow us to claim this funding, (if you are found to be eligible for these additional payments). 

You do not have to provide this information.

The Data Privacy Section at the end of the document sets out the information that is collected within the Parent Declaration Form, the purpose for which it is being collected, the requirements around the information and how it will be retained.

Thank you

Here is a copy of our GDPR form for you to read and sign and return.

Here is a copy of of our contact form for you complete with your current details and return to


A reminder of action to be taken by parents: