Maths at Holystone

Holystone Maths – Statement of Intent

At Holystone, we believe that in Maths, “Every child should feel valued and experience the feeling of success.”  Maths is a core skill that is required throughout life and as such, it is a cornerstone of our school curriculum.

Maths is taught every day from Nursery to Year 6.

In the Early Years the focus of Maths is on the three main areas: number, calculating and shape, space and measure. This is taught via play, structured activities and child initiated learning.

Years 1 - 6 follow the aims and guidelines of the National Curriculum focussing on fluency, reasoning and problem solving. 

Our Maths provision is underpinned by the school’s Core Values:


At Holystone we recognise each child is different, so teachers carefully plan high quality, engaging lessons to meet the needs of every child. Children are encouraged to work together, to investigate and discuss ideas, ensuring every child’s contribution is listened to and respected.


At Holystone we take the children to the outstanding local country park, forests and beaches to take part in outdoor Maths sessions, which develop the links between our natural environments and everyday Maths.


By teaching Maths through fun real life contexts, we aim to develop children who are independent thinkers and confident to use Maths in everyday life.


At Holystone we want each child to develop to their full potential.  Our aim is for everyone to develop a positive can do attitude towards Maths.  Through using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods we develop a supportive environment.  We encourage children to learn from their mistakes and build a resilience to try again or try a different method and not be defeated when challenged.