Covid-19 Update January 2021

School Closed to all but Key Worker and Vulnerable Children
From Tuesday 5th January, the school will be closed to most children.  Only those pupils identified to be within the vulnerable category or the children of critical key workers will be able to access in-school provision.  The criteria for Key Worker status is available here: key_worker_criteria .
Remote Learning Provision
For those children who are working from home, we will move to remote learning.  All work uploaded to our home learning pages are in line with the work delivered to those children who are still in school.  A timetable for home learning is provided on each your-group's platform and is in line with the DFE requirements of up to 1hr for EYFS pupils; up to 3hrs for Key Stage 1 pupils and up to 4hrs for Key Stage 2 pupils.
Remote Learning Platforms
Our remote learning offer is managed through two different learning platforms:
Tapestry  (Early Years - Nursery & Reception)- this is the platform that parents in Nursery and Reception are already familiar with and a log-in is already set up.  Should you have issues accessing your Tapestry account, please contact your child's class teacher or the school office.
SeeSaw - for Key Stages 1 & 2 we use the SeeSaw App.  This app should be familiar from the previous lockdown and each child has their own SeeSaw account.  If you have issues with logging into your account, Mrs McLennan can issue a new QR code, please contact us via 
What to expect with remote learning
We follow the guidance laid out by the DFE with regards to our home learning offer.  A range of resources are uploaded on a daily basis. 
For the youngest pupils, these may include a combination of some or all of:
  • Zoom calls to keep in touch with the school environment
  • Some open ended investigative tasks where the focus may be on counting, sorting, language development or other EYFS curricular targets
  • Some teacher led activities such as phonics sessions (these may take the form of videoed lessons, or use other appropriate resources)
  • Interactive story times
  • Specific early literacy or maths based task
  • A range of physical and creative development tasks
  • Virtual reading sessions (Reception will continue to offer a Covid secure book exchange system)
Recording of pupil work will usually involve the uploading of videos or photographs.
For pupils in Key Stages 1&2, the day will start with an invite to a live session via Zoom where a member of the the year group team will welcome the children and set out the learning for that day.  A second live session will be offered where at all possible later in the day where staff will receive feedback from the tasks undertaken.  Throughout the day, staff will monitor the SeeSaw App to review pupil feedback and offer support where possible.   
A daily timetable will set out an English and maths activity and task each morning.  This work may be supplemented by additional educational Apps such as Times Tables Rockstars or Spelling Shed.  Reading will continue to use the Accelerated Reader and MyOn systems for Y2-Y6 (Y1 will continuing to hand out reading books through a Covid secure book exchange and will offer virtual reading sessions). Pupils will be able to access a ranges of e:books through MyOn or BorrowBox and quiz in the normal manner. 
There will be afternoon 'topic' based activities set each day with the expectations in line with the expectations set out in the DFE guidance.  The content of the activities delivered to those at home will be directly in line with the activities that are delivered to those pupils who are in-school.  A range of resources will be uploaded by 7am each morning for the day ahead.  Sessions delivered may include a combination of all or some of the following:
  • Live sessions via Zoom (please be aware of the Zoom usage expectations)
  • Teacher prepared resources including pre-recorded video or audio tutorials (e.g. annotated Powerpoints)
  • Pre-recorded DFE provided or commercially provided lessons (e.g. Oak Academy, White Rose)
  • More open-ended and investigative activities
  • The use of existing packages - Acclerated Reader, MyOn, Spelling Shed, etc
Uploaded work might consist of completed electronic worksheets, photographs of printed sheets, videos or via written feedback on the SeeSaw App.
Remote Learning Expectations
Whilst we hope all children are able to access the offer, we appreciate that the management of remote learning is challenging for parents.  We will monitor the uptake of the remote learning offer on a regular basis and where needed will contact parents to see what support we can offer.  Should you have difficulties with any aspect remote learning we ask you to contact the school as a matter of urgency.