Will you find a Golden Ticket?

18th January 2018
Exciting message from Catering Services
Pantomime Funday Lunch – Thursday 18th January 2018
We would like all children who are entitled to a free school meal in Reception, Year 1 & 2 to stay for a school meal on this day as it is our Census Day where we need as many pupils as possible to be recorded as having a meal on this day.
The day will be a fun pantomime theme day and children will have a chance of finding a golden ticket and winning a prize on the day. A funday lunch for Years 3,4,5 & 6 will cost £2.15.
Pupils have chosen their favourite dishes for the menu, sausage or vegetable burger in a bun, served with fries and freshly prepared homemade salads, an ice cream delight and Forest fruits juice. Special diets will be catered for. Please support this day and send your child in for a school meal.  Thank you.
Catering Services