Our Curriculum

In September 2014 a new National Curriculum was introduced. In response to this new curriculum we reviewed our curriculum provision to ensure it meets all statutory requirements and also reflected the needs of our locality. A new assessment framework was also introduced. Initially this focused on the assessment of Maths and English following the removal of National Curriculum levels. Each year group produces a curriculum “jigsaw” which outlines the topics that will be covered across each academic year. Teachers regularly review this provision to ensure it provides the breadth and depth required and to ensure it continues to meet the statutory requirements.
Recently, (October/November 2017) we have reviewed the way in which we assess the wider curriculum beyond English and Maths. We are also reviewing the topics delivered to ensure our curriculum remains progressive and fit for purpose for an area that has changed markedly in the last 5 years.
This review will ask the questions: What do we want our Holystone Curriculum to do? What are the key skills, outcomes and attributes that we want our curriculum to support developing? We will involve a range of stakeholders in this review, ensuring we also consult our pupils.
We do not envisage wide scale changes and in the meantime we will continue to ensure that we offer rich and engaging curriculum which aims to develop well-rounded pupils who are ready to move to their next stage of learning, who have a good understanding of core British Values and who have a good level of personal, social and emotional awareness.